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 Заглавие: Land Rover Owner's Club Romania - Annual meeting invitation
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Greetings from Romania,

My name is Cristian VIDU and I am the secretary for Land Rover Owner's Club Romania.

First I must apologize for not obeying your forum rules for writing in Cyrillic but the closest I can get is with a Google Translate version which I'll add to the end of this message.

I saw a few of your members, last year I think, in Bucharest, around the Military Academy where at that time (at this time also) the traffic is pretty chaotic due to the subway construction. I was in a Citroen Xsara so I couldn't get the attention of your lead car to see if you needed any help (the horn is rather useless in that intersection).

We would like to extend an invitation to you if you would like to join us for our annual meeting. The meeting is a friendly, social event and not a competition. We gather every year in a different part of Romania to get to know each other and meet friends and families. Just to prove this is a family event, last year there were at least 5 children under 1 year old (mine included) and we participated in all events. :). An offroad vehicle is not mandatory. Our members come with everything starting with Freelanders, Disco 1,2,3,4, RR Classic, Defenders and I think we'll also have one or two Evoques. Our policy is to have the cars leave the event exactly as they came.

The event is scheduled to take place between the 22nd and the 25th of May 2014 in Baile Govora Resort. A mandatory condition for attending is owning a LR/RR vehicle.

We do have some international guests, usually expats who have settled in Romania.

Should anyone want to participate below you can find a copy/paste from our english invitation.

If you need any additional information I can also be contacted directly via email:

Pictures from last year's event can be found here: ... i-impresii


Location: Valcea, Baile Govora Resort, Palace Hotel (

Period: 22-25 of May 2014

Accommodation rates:
Single Room – 96RON/day
Double Room – 120RON/day
Adjoining Rooms – 180RON/day (2 available)
Apartment – 180RON/day (2 available)

Included in the accommodation rates are the following: accommodation, parking, swimming pool, fitness area, VAT and local taxes.

Children under 7 years old do not pay provided they stay in the same room as their parents.

Meals: (annexed you will find the detailed menus and you have to choose one of the options)

Breakfast - 25RON/day/person
Lunch - 50RON/day/person
Children’s Lunch – 25RON/day/kid
Dinner – 45RON/person
Children’s dinner – 20RON/kid
Outdoor Lunch – 65RON/person
Dinner at “Casa Govoreana” – 90RON/person

Any other requirements from the participants will be paid on spot to the waiters. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the menu price (An exception here is the dinner at “Casa Govoreana” and attached you will find a beverages menu)

General schedule of the event:
Until such time as the reconnaissance is completed it is in the attached file.

The event begins with the dinner in the evening of the arrival and it ends with breakfast on the departure day.

Sponsor list

Premium Auto SRL- official importer LR and RR in Romania

to be completed

Media Partner: Club 4x4 (

Payment terms:
100% in advance before the 19th of April 2014. After this date those who did not pay will be removed from the list and their reservation canceled. Payment includes accommodation+meals for all the persons mentioned in the reservation (please do not forget the children). No cash payment towards the club is accepted, all payments should be made via bank transfer to the following account:
Asociatia Land Rover Owners Club Romania
Fiscal Registration Number : 29918512
IBAN: RO03BACX0000000710579001 (RON)
Bank: Unicredit Tiriac Bank Rosetti Brach

International participants should contact Mr. Cristian VIDU ( to discuss payment terms if they unable to fulfill the above mentioned requests.

The promotional materials for the event are discussed in a different topic


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 Заглавие: Re: Land Rover Owner's Club Romania - Annual meeting invitation
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Hi Cristian,

Thank You very much for this kind offer. It is much appreciated. Hope someone from our club would find a time to visit you on the event.

We did twice (2012 & 2013) an organized trip through Romania - and hope to do it so again this year - either late summer or early autumn. Probably this time we could manage to meet with some fellow Land Rover owners - it is really a shame we didn't catch up those two times ... anyway.

I wish you very enjoyable moments with yours friends and families on the meetup.


D2 TD5, D1 200tdi

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 Заглавие: Re: Land Rover Owner's Club Romania - Annual meeting invitation
МнениеПубликувано на: 14 Апр 2014, 11:27 

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Hello Damyan,

It would be nice to meet if you come to Romania. About half of our members are in Bucharest, the rest being spread through-out the country.

So, should you need any help, directions or assistance when you come to Romania you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

Best wishes,


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